Hedding United Methodist Church, Barre Vermont


Camping for a Cause

5:30 PM Friday December 12 —12 NOON Saturday December 13, 2014

Help raise awareness of homelessness in our community and raise money for Good Samaritan Haven homeless shelter.

5:30-6:30 PM Friday Community Supper at Hedding UMC

6:30-7 PM Camping set-up on church lawns—

Hedding United Methodist Church

Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal

First Church in Barre UU

Barre Congregational Church

(please note:  while many congregations support the event, camp sites are limited to churches surrounding City Hall Park)

7:00-7:30 Vigil on steps of First Church in Barre UU

8 PM – 7 AM Camping on church lawns

7:30-8:30 AM Saturday Breakfast at Barre Congregational Church

8:30-9 AM Reflecting on our experience (Barre Congregational Church)

9-12 Coin Drop on Washington Street

 Please note:  

Campers provide their own tent and sleeping bag and should dress in warm layers

Campers will have access to rest rooms in churches throughout the event (as well as a place to warm up if needed)

Please do not bring valuable items or items that may be damaged by extreme cold temperatures

The City of Barre has approved this event; no fires allowed

Set up an on-line fundraising page! Link to GSH- click start fundraising, then choose an event type “sporting event” then “other event” from drop down menu enter name of event “:Camping for a Cause” and sign in or create profile and follow prompts to set up and promote your page https://www.firstgiving.com/397899

For more information, please contact

Rev. Kim E. Kie at Hedding United Methodist Church (802) 476-8156 heddingumc@hotmail.com  or Rev. Earl Kooperkamp at Church of the Good Shepherd (802) 476-3929 goodshep@sover.net


 Join us for our fall discipleship series, Committed to Christ. Sermon Series October 19-November 23. Small group study Tuesdays from 6-7 PM. Call 802 476 8156 for more information.

Every Sunday at Hedding

Sunday School for all ages 9-9:45 am

Nursery Care 9:00-11:15 am

Worship 10 am

Kids’ Crafts or Music 10:20-10:50 am

Do you have questions? Wondering about God? Looking for community?  Come and meet the people of Hedding United Methodist Church. We are on a journey together seeking to be God’s people in this time and place. Won’t you join us? Come and see what we’re about–worship with us on Sunday at 10 am; look for Pastor Kim on Monday mornings between 10-Noon at Espresso Bueno on North Main Street; stop by the church office   on Tuesday or Thursday mornings; join us for a free community supper on Friday evenings from 5:300-6:30 pm. Our website offers some history and information, contact us if you have any  questions. Blessings! Pastor Kim

NOTE: Accessibility and Welcome for all
At Hedding, we welcome persons of all abilities on the journey of faith in Christ. For Hearing Assistance we provide ear bud devices for amplification of worship services. For Mobility Assistance we provide an HC accessible entrance, elevator and restroom. The entrance is off Church Street at our HC parking places. For those with Developmental Issues, we encourage full participation in all aspects of church life from worship to Sunday School to Christian service and development.
+ Rev. Kim E. Kie
Pastor, Hedding United Methodist Church
40 Washington St., Barre, Vermont 05641 email: pastorkimkie@gmail.com
Donations are welcomed for our Outreach Services and Charitable Events: heddingdonate


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